Australian Chalk Paint and Chalk Paint Powder

Marilyn's Chalk Paint Powder

Australian Chalk Paint and Chalk Paint Powder

Hi there and welcome to the Home of Australia’s first Chalk Paint & Chalk Paint Powder On-Line Shop – your answer to Australia Made 100% environmentally friendly Chalk Paint and the very affordable Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder!

Marilyn’s Chalk Paint only promotes products that are proudly Australian Made, Australian Owned & 100% Eco-Friendly Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder was created for the thrifty DIY home decorating & decorator!

At Cat & Fiddle Antiques after 17 years of both selling & restoring antiques, we’ve tried  every Chalk Paint product or Recipe on the market.

We spent hundreds of hours frustrated with the products that are out there – their either too expensive, too hard to work with or they just plain don’t work as advertised. We then began with a dream and became obsessed to develop that PERFECT product.


Just thinking about it makes our mouths water. To produce an affordable 100% Eco-Friendly Chalk Paint Powder which we could add to acrylic paint – MOST* brands and ANY colour – giving the paint superior adhesion (adheres to ANY surface, laminate, tiles, timber, metal, ANYTHING) and can be used inside and out, it would be self priming (no hard yakka to prep) and finished with wax (or for the lazier DIYer – an acrylic sealer), give a beautiful sheen.

We started experimenting with DIY Chalk Paint recipes.  We tried them all – Unsanded Grout – too gritty, picture sand in your paint gritty!  Calcium Carbonate – well, hello, all Paints are based on Calcium Carbonate!  Plaster of Paris – not as gritty as unsanded grout, but still not smooth like Chalk Paint.

Well, after months of experimenting with different products, finishes, materials and techniques, we finally perfected Marilyn’s Chalk Paint Powder and we are proud to offer an Australian Made, Australian Owned, eco-friendly (mineral, clay & organic base) product which can be added to your own Acrylic Paint – MOST* brands in ANY colour and can be used for hundreds of crafting and decorating projects from the smallest to entire walls & floors!

MOST* brands – we recommend British Paints & Taubmans readily available in 1,000’s of colours


It will change the way you think about painting furniture. Chalk Paint has taken over the blog world because of its amazing ability to turn that shabby old piece of junk into a magnificent piece of art without any costly equipment or experience.  Finally a product that can create that heavenly finish that makes our hearts melt..

Once we found this amazing substance, we couldn’t go back to our ordinary Acrylic paint.  It just wasn’t the same!

So the good news, finally, after our months of research, experimentation, frustration and tears, we finally found a way to create that beautiful Chalk Paint finish at an affordable price.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

We are so excited to be able to share this amazing product with you and we sincerely hope that you enjoy using Marilyn’s and that it gives you the freedom and flexibility to express your creativity in ways you’ve never imagined!

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